Corker was reviewed in the January 2006 edition of MUM Magazine, The official journal of the Society of American Magicians: "The accompanying booklet is 24 pages, clearly written by Chris Capstone and well illustrated by Tony Dunn. Chris gives four routines... each of which offers its own advantages...It is extremely well built and my attempts to cause it to fail, well, failed. I wanted to see if it could stand up to the rigors of repeated use and it appears it would quite handily...and the thing just looks so innocent..."

​Lance Pierce, MUM Magazine

​CAPSTONE'S Corker was reviewed in the January 2006 issue of MAGIC Magazine, the world's largest independently published magazine for magicians: "...they're very well made. They are sturdy, durable and should last a lifetime...Included in the package is a 24 page illustrated booklet...The booklet certainly adds value to the package...I wouldn't hesitate to use CAPSTONE's Corker." John Lovick, MAGIC Magazine

Corker is available at magic dealers worldwide or directly from me at $35.00 post paid anywhere in the USA, ask about  international shipping.

"I've watched CAPSTONE floor audiences with Corker many times. he spent years refining it and  years more improving the fabrication. You've got to get "Corker!"

Aaron Smith, Owner, The Magic Depot

CAPSTONE'S Torn & Restored Treasure Map is currently out of production and I am out of stock.  There may be a few magic dealers with stock left.  It sold much faster than we planned. Due to the labor intensive nature of the manufacturing process, I have decided not to make another production run.

I hope to re-release this item as a DIY kit.  Please send me an email to be put on a notification list.